“If you want some safe-blanket, cushy, being praised for everything you do, “I’m gonna be a star” acting class. This is NOT for you. If you’re looking for a real class with no bull, finding the truth in whatever work you do and learning what it truly means to be an actor, you’re in the right place.”

– Declan Maloney Drummond, NYC Student

“It’s almost every day I come across a casting call that requires improv, and it’s almost every day that I thank Jody in my head for all the improv classes that he gave and all the extra time he took for us, giving up his lunch breaks and staying at school long hours to prepare us for the real world in a way that AADA couldn’t have done without you. Thank you Jody!”

     – Georgia Sidell NYC Student (Now Working in London)

Irza and I are deeply grateful for the dedication to our children and the great experiences you provided them. Under your teaching, they both gained skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Thank you!

-Paul Hoogsteden, Father of 2 Princeton, NJ Students

“Where do I even begin? Jody Wood is a genius. He understands the provenance of his own work as both an actor and a teacher. He enters his class and gives an experience anyone would describe as awesome. He is open-minded, friendly and very professional in creating a safe environment where you never feel judged. I admire how Jody always takes the time to talk and listen to his students – he’ll even skip lunch for you!

Jody brings you out of your comfort zone while letting you explore your own space and calls you out on any nonsense in a supportive way. He genuinely wants nothing but the best for you as an actor and as a person. His classes taught me to listen closely, work off of  behavior, to be truthful, to go with simplicity and most importantly, to be a generous actor.

Although it goes without saying that his forte is Improv, he never limits your work to one style but also strongly expresses the need for his students to continue learning other techniques that suit them best as an actor and ways to discover the range of their personal palette. I look forward to working with him again!”

– Marie Dinolan, NYC Student

 “I had the pleasure of working with Jody Wood and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and he is one of the best teachers I have worked with last year. His expertise and his ability to ease students into the process of becoming comfortable with improv was an experience I won’t ever forget. A terrific motivator and teacher, I hope one day to work with Jody Wood again!”

– Lynda Harris, NYC Student

“I have found a great deal of growth while working with Jody! Both as a person and a working actor. He made sure to provide a safe environment which gave me the freedom to explore more than I ever thought I could. I highly recommend working with him!”

– Chris Schermerhorn, NYC Student

“Jody Wood is a great acting teacher and a hilarious, good man. Anyone who takes improv lessons with him or is just seeking acting advice will not be disappointed. It’s all about ‘The Focus!'”

– Christopher Ziegler, Princeton, NJ Student

“Jody is a world class acting coach that has not only helped me grow as an actor but also as a human being. By encouraging his students to never stop asking questions and to dig deeper – his students get a fuller and deeper understanding of character that they are portraying. Jody is easy to get along with and will always be there for you. He loves his students and he loves to teach. His love for the craft is never-ending and it’s truly inspiring to be in his classroom. I will forever use the “tools” I learned in Jody’s class!”

– Sebastian Wihlborg, NYC Student

“Jody was my biggest influence at The Academy. He created a warm, safe environment by being hilariously honest in his work. I was challenged in every aspect, in ways I didn’t think possible and this greatly strengthened both my acting ability and my confidence. I was a student who observed first and would rarely take risks. Jody was there to support me and give me the boldness to grow and explore way out of my comfort zone. Every actor craves that, and Jody is the answer. He encourages you to make mistakes and discoveries along the way and will not stop until you are genuinely communicating. He takes you on a constant journey to find the truth and will call you out (maybe not gracefully, but you need it!) until you are fully present in your work. I am so grateful to have worked with such a wonderful teacher and all round great human being! It will be your best decision to join Jody in any form you can, write down everything he says! I did and will forever carry his mentor-ship with me.”

– Lois-amber Toole, NYC Student

“Jody is a great man. I feel so so lucky to have been able to be in his class. A wonderful teacher who really knows how to guide you to your potential.”

– Sam Francis Harman, NYC Student

“Jody Wood is that, ‘…carpe diem. Seize the day,…Make your lives extraordinary’ kind of teacher. I’ve been lucky to study under Jody Wood whom I met at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. I used to run, full-speed up those stairs to get to his class. I was in such good company and couldn’t wait to do those improv exercises with everyone. He has a way of bringing energy into a room and the best out of his students. It was serious training, no doubt, infused with laughter and soooo motivating! Jody elicited the best from us all, and as his students, fostered a bond. Positive, uplifting, generous with praise and spot-on guidance, Jody Wood is a great teacher…heart & soul!”

– Stephanie Kayafas, NYC Student

“Jody creates such a safe and warm environment for growth. There’s never any fear of doing anything “wrong” because it’s all about freedom, exploration, and getting out of your own head and trying something new. I always feel safe and free and like I grow so much both as an actor and as a person. His classes really have been amazing experience, and one that I am so grateful for!”

– Alex McKelley, NYC Student

“My time with Jody has been a constant exercise in discovery; and working with somebody so committed to finding truth in ‘the work’ has led me to continual revelation within my ‘work’. Consistently challenging – with training grounded in improvisation – the training is such that you must rise to meet it in Jody’s class. Personally speaking, resting my ego on the sideline and jumping into improvisation exercises that scare me to death has only been possible in the safe and encouraging environment that Jody works tirelessly to maintain in his class. It’s a special environment that I’ve not experienced anywhere else – and it truly frees you to explore the work with his guidance to the fullest.”

– Alexander Hodge, NYC Student

“Jody is present with you every single moment throughout your process. He’s dedicated to his students, passionate about the work and always keeps things real. While working with Jody I found truth. I learned to listen. I learned to work hard and to play harder. He is a truly excellent teacher and I so look forward to working with him again!”

– Danielle Humphrey, NYC Student

“I can’t begin to describe how highly I think of Jody and how lucky I feel to have been taught by him. He is by far the best teacher and mentor that anyone could ask for. Jody was the first person who helped me realize my passion and inspire me to follow it. I went into my first class quite shy and reserved and never imagined that someone could make me feel so comfortable opening my heart and taking risks. I felt inspired every time I walked into the room because of Jody’s way of spreading happiness and positive energy among those around him. He has taught me so much and I genuinely don’t know any teacher that will work as hard for their students as Jody does and for that I have the utmost respect for him. He encourages his students to always work from a truthful place and is very perceptive as a teacher. He isn’t just a brilliant teacher though he’s also a brilliant actor and one of the funniest people I have ever met.. I don’t think I ever left class without having a serious belly laugh. He is one of those people who knows when to take things seriously and when to laugh and I believe that is one of the greatest gifts to have in this business and in this world. I am forever grateful to have been taught by him and can’t wait to work with him more in the future.”

– Sarah Elizabeth, NYC Student

“I spent a few weeks learning from Jody. He’s nothing short of brilliant, funny and unique. His spirit is open and kind. He leaves you feeling accomplished but wanting more. Love you Jody Wood!”

– Vanni Signh, NYC Student

“Jody will take each actor under his wing and nourish them with knowledge and push them to their limits. He is such an advocate for creative imagination and wants to bring the truth out of every individual. When you have earned Jody’s respect, he will do anything to keep you motivated and moving forward with yourself and your career. Sending my love and support!”

– Teresa Mae Lafferty, NYC Student

“Jody has helped me grow as not only an actor, but a person in the past two years of training with him. He’s very honest, supportive, and not afraid to help you get to where you need to go in a scene. My acting has changed tremendously since working with Jody, and I still work with Jody to this day every chance I get!”

– Emmy Ann Tanzy, NYC Student

“Jody is a wonderful teacher – he deeply cares about his students and works hard to bring out the best in them. A joy to work with!”

– Jessica Mosher, NYC Student

“Working with Jody has been an amazing opportunity for my growth both as an actor and as a human being. His classes are such a pleasure to take that time always seems to go too fast! he creates a cheerful and fun environment that will make you feel at ease, especially when the training becomes very challenging. He made me feel always inspired and supported in every single class.”

– Gaia Passaler, NYC Student

“Having moved to NYC from the UK, I feel truly lucky to have been introduced to Jody as my first acting coach. Not only did I find myself in an atmosphere where I felt comfortable to explore new techniques but I was also introduced to a warm, welcoming atmosphere where I was able to explore emotions I personally never knew existed. You develop a natural relationship with Jody where he uses his directorial role to push you further to the standard he believes you can go too but also a friendship where you are able to be yourself and enjoy doing so. You are introduced to techniques that you can use for scene and/or whole play work, which I try to apply to my work to this day as I continue as an actor. With an incredible sense of humor, a welcoming personality and passion for this craft I can only continue to support the work Jody will dedicate to any budding actor.”

– Ellie Rhodes, NYC Student

“Jody Wood helped me to grow as an actor as well as build up my confidence. He has taught me the joys of improv as well as the importance of making strong choices in the audition room.”

– Jonathan Steiger, NYC Student

“Jody Wood is like no other acting teacher I’ve had. His class was a challenging one, and especially through a very tough time in my life, I was able to discover so much about myself and really find out who I was and accept how human I really am. Jody’s tough: blunt and direct, but extremely inspired. He will be just as invested in your journey as an actor as you are, and he doesn’t back down. He keeps class fun, spontaneous, and professional. I always admired his way of trusting an actor to know their own limits and still guiding them to make these huge discoveries. Definitely an influential acting teacher, and an awesome human being!”

– Tristan J. Shuler, NYC Student

“Our daughter was first in line when Jody Wood opened JW actors studio. She takes acting very seriously and Jody’s classes are a perfect fit for her intensity and passion for acting. Jody sees that his students are committed to the challenge  of becoming great actors because he teaches with the utmost respect for the craft and the individual who is determined to work hard to skill build.  His tremendous sense of humor keeps things fun and comedic at just the right time! Since beginning, our daughter has successfully played some much sought after stage roles and, with Jody’s coaching and contacts, begun auditioning for film, television, and Broadway roles! More importantly, she is confident in her ability to communicate in front of an audience…a skill that will serve her well all of her life. We have no doubt that Jody will remain an important teacher and coach in her life for many years to come.”

“As far as Jody’s Oratory workshop, our son participated with 6 other middle school boys. Not only was it a lot of fun, but each boy wrote and delivered a speech about something that was meaningful to them. We firmly believe that this experience sets our son up to speak confidently in front of others, whether in class or someday in a large professional setting. When he gave his speech there was no nervousness at all. He has subsequently spoken to his entire grade publicly and was extremely comfortable in both the written and spoken formats. Most people are afraid to speak in front of others all their lives…our son will not be one of those people thanks to Jody.”

– Gigi Goldman, Mother of 2 Students

“Thank you again for your support of our daughter and for working with her.  I just wanted to let you know the final results for her summer applications (She is still deciding what to do!) 1. University of North Carolina School of the Arts Summer Acting Program-ACCEPTED 2. ASCTC: American Shakespeare Center Theater Camp-ACCEPTED 3. NHSI Theatre Camp (Northwestern Cherubs Program)-ACCEPTED 4. CMU (Carnegie Mellon)-ACCEPTED 5. Boston University Summer Theatre Institute (BUSTI)-ACCEPTED
She was also accepted by audition to Mpulse (University of Michigan Summer drama program) and the Stratford Summer Shakespeare School in Canada.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

– Vicki Steeger, Mother of Teen Student

“Well she did it. The new Miss NJ Outstanding Teen 2011! It was an exciting night. She will now compete in August in Orlando for Miss America Outstanding Teen. Thanks for your help with her.”

– Gene Ragazzo, Father of Student

“Thanks for all the energy you put into your teaching.  You are wonderful.  Our son thinks you are the greatest and really enjoys your class.”

– Joanna Gordon, Mother of Student

“Our son said today: ‘Tomorrow is Thursday which is my favorite day because of acting class!'”

– Katy Kinsolving: Mother of Student

“Our daughter has LOVED your class and is looking forward to next year. And she said the following word for word: “I had a very great time in the acting class, Jody taught the class in a way that was very energetic, fun and you were learning at the same time! I will definitely join this class next year! Thanks Jody!!”

– Carrie Pastor, Mother of Student

“Jody is the only person we call when we need work on our performances and public speaking. I am constantly amazed at his ability to draw out the best from each team member. Their skills have greatly improved. He is warm and engaging. Everyone loves working with him.”

– Jacqui Schreiber, Director Teen Advisory Group (TAG) / Corner House Counseling Center

“Just wanted to say that last Saturday’s performance was awesome.  Everyone did a terrific job and I especially liked your choice of material.  Thanks for helping to bring out their best!”

– Kathleen Folliard, Mother of Student

“I want to thank you for helping our son to improve with his speech and presentations.  I have seen better grades at school when he presents his essays. Thanks again.”

– Elizabeth Cunningham, Mother of Oratory Class Student

“Our daughter is definitely committed to your workshops – you’ll have to put up with us for years to come!”

– Matt Frawley, Father of Student

“Hey Jody,  I wanted to tell you that I got in to the NYU program! Thank you so much for your coaching and for writing my letter of recommendation. I know that you played a critical role in my getting in. I’m very excited!  Thank you so much for all your help!”

– Teenage Student

“Hi Jody, Our son really loved your class and I know he’ll be back for more!”

– Tom Regan, Father of Student

“Thanks for including our son in your class; he had a terrific time last week and is excited about tomorrow.”

– Whitney B. Ross: Mother of Student

“Jody, we are very proud of (our son) and so pleased that he discovered a passion and talent for performing. There is no question that your nurturing and professional instruction and guidance has further fostered his love of acting. He feels a strong connection with you both personally and professionally.”

– Laura Hewitt, Mother of Student

“My daughter has been in many musical theater workshop productions, but Jody Wood’s class gives her the opportunity to focus on her acting. Under Jody’s guidance I’ve watched her grow as an actress!”

– Carol Eliasen, Mother of Student

“Jody, I would like to share how much I appreciate the opportunity to work with you. I rely on your coaching to perfect my speaking and customer interaction skills. It goes a long way to help me succeed in my international assignments, and I know that I can reach out to you even when I’m traveling.”

– Yogi Sikri, Solution Architect/Hewlett-Packard

“My 13 year old son,  could not wait until Saturdays to come to attend Jody’s Teen workshop and he never wanted to leave after each session. He said it was ‘The best time of his life ever’ and begged me to sign him up again in the fall! Jody is so passionate about his work and it showed in the kids final performance in the spring. He inspires them and builds their confidence. I’m looking forward to seeing his talent develop even more next season!”

– Paula Safran, Mother of Student

“I met Jody when my daughters were interested in taking an acting class. Being in Jody’s class has given them the opportunity to learn the craft in a safe, fun, environment. They have acquired skills necessary for any actor. Jody stresses the process, which allows the young actor to explore their work to the fullest without feeling pressure. I was so impressed that I took Jody’s adult class! It has provided me with an extension of my many years of acting. His professional experience in the field and his love of his vocation shines through and makes me realize how much I miss being on stage. Jody’s energy and enthusiasm makes his class one of the best I have ever taken.”

– Judy DeClement, Adult Student and Mother of 2 Students

“I totally enjoyed Jody’s workshops. Every session allowed me to feel better and better about my presentations and myself. I feel 100% more confident and my nervousness is gone. Thanks Jody!”

– Dwight Kelsey, Student

“I just wanted to drop you a note on how much I enjoyed the class. When I first signed up, I was not sure that I would be able to talk in front of an audience, much less act! But by your encouragement and constant support, I could easily see myself one day on Broadway, no less!!!

Thank you for making the class so enjoyable and fun. With your whimsical humor and your energy you transformed a scary experience for me to one that I enjoyed and looked forward to every week.

I have no problem recommending this course to anyone, experienced or someone like me, a complete novice. Your vast experience really made the difference. I can already see the change in myself when I now make my business presentations. It does not matter if it is a small or large audience. I am much more prepared and confident. Thanks again for all your help.”

– Kumar Sarathy, Project Manager, Accenture

“Jody has worked with my 11 year old son several times helping him to prepare for film and TV Pilot auditions. He has enjoyed these sessions and has come away with more confidence in himself and a greater appreciation for the craft of acting.”

– Peter Gibson, Father of Student

“My daughter doesn’t stop talking about how much she loves working with Jody. He has made such a positive impact on her young career. He guided her to landing her first film role! We have found our guy!”

– Fred Tesarck, Father of Student

“Jody Wood is a gifted actor and terrific teacher. He has a way of making our daughter feel comfortable right away. He has an outstanding sense of humor. Jody Wood is a perfect combination of actor / teacher / coach / and role model.”

– Tracey Gates, Mother of Student

“My daughter’s teacher commented that he couldn’t believe how much more confident she had become in the classroom. He asked what was making the difference. I said ‘2 words…Jody Wood!”

– Risa Kaplowitz, Mother of student