Presentation Training

Proven techniques that will allow you to be the very best you can be in your presentations and at the public speakers’ podium.

It has been said that the number one thing people fear most in life is speaking in public… Number two is death! As Jerry Seinfeld so aptly stated “Number two is death…does that sound right? Then that means, to the average person, if you go to a funeral you’re better off in the casket than you are delivering the eulogy!”

Our private sessions and group workshops are designed to take the fear out of speaking in public, help you to find your inner power, and let your creativity blossom. Our approach will allow you to be the best presenter and public speaker you can be!

Our unique, energized, and fun approach has been proven to build confidence while allowing our clients to find the joy in speaking to an audience. We will show you how to channel that “nervous energy” as we help you develop your own unique style. You will learn how to deliver a strong, solid presentation that your audience will never forget.

It’s all about tapping into the “heart” of the matter. Really focusing on what it is you’re trying to get across and discovering your passion for doing so. We typically speak about a specific subject because it means something to us. Otherwise why be up there? Most would answer “because I have to do this.” Even if that were the case we can show you the way to discovering the core objectives and passion that will lead to a successful presentation! 

The process

Through the creative process of carefully developed, 
specifically chosen exercises, and proven techniques, you can
achieve the following results:

Self Confidence
Effective communication
Think more quickly on your feet
Dramatic increase in creative
output and innovation
Development of effective anecdotes to
drive home key points

With the ever increasing competition out there it is more
critical than ever to be equipped with these vital tools.
All of this is accomplished in a fun filled, exciting
workshop or private session! These skills can also be applied to debate
teams for more effective and winning strategies!

Contact us today and together let’s make your presentation the absolute best it can be!



“Jody has proven to be a powerful and highly effective resource for us at Extreme Networks.  At a personal level, his coaching, improv training and techniques have helped me tremendously in taking my message “off script” and “keeping it real” to better connect with audiences.  For our senior leadership teams, his “Yes….and” versus “No…but” approach to team communication has changed the dialogue inside of Extreme in a very positive way.   His influence on our culture and the effectiveness of his approach in enabling “constructive” conflict is powerful.  Adding to this is the fact that Jody has an incredible sense of humor and creates a high-energy and very fun learning environment.” 

Ed Meyercord

President & CEO / Extreme Networks

“Working with Jody has been an exceptional and transformative experience for me. In just ten weeks he has coached me to become a much better public speaker than I could have ever imagined was possible. I trained with Jody for a speech that I was invited to give to a prestigious industry group. At our first few sessions, I could barely complete a coherent sentence, feeling both nervous and confused. By the end of our training, I felt not only comfortable, but also joyous to deliver the talk, which was filled with both inspiring stories as well as technical information. The talk could not have gone any better, and as a result I have been invited to participate in several other industry events. The benefits of our training went far beyond the talk, and significantly improved my communication skills with prospect clients that I constantly engage with. If fact since training with Jody, I have been able to communicate with more clarity and engagement, resulting in many more successful sales meetings than ever before. I am very grateful to Jody for all his support and training as well as his very personalized and effective approach to coaching.” 

-Mikhail (Senior Portfolio Manager)

“Although none of us are professional actors nor desire to be in theatre, it was clear to us that we are constantly “onstage” in front of groups, in team meetings, and in one-on-one interactions. Each of these interactions can be made more productive, motivating, and effective through the techniques you shared with us.”

 Jim Goldman, CEO Godiva Chocolatier

 “I totally enjoyed working with Jody. Every session allowed me to feel better and better about my presentations and myself. I feel 100% more confident and my nervousness is gone. Thanks Jody!”

Dwight Kelsey, Toronto 

“Jody, I would like to share how much I appreciate the opportunity to work with you. I rely on your coaching to perfect my speaking and customer interaction skills. It goes a long way to help me succeed in my international assignments, and I know that I can reach out to you even when I’m traveling.”

Yogi Sikri, Solution Architect/Hewlett-Packard

“My daughter’s teacher commented that he couldn’t believe how much more confident she had become in the classroom and as a speaker. He asked what was making the difference. I said ‘2 words…Jody Wood!”

Risa Kaplowitz Director Princeton Dance & Theater